Chapter 64

Eastside Chapter - Cahokia, IL
Serving Aviation in the St. Louis Metro-East

Scrounge Dawg Aviation

Scrounge Dawg Aviation is a splinter group of builders from our local EAA Chapter 64 who are building a Pietenpol to use as a learning tool for the members, other interested groups such as schools, and any youth groups who have the desire to learn about the construction of homebuilt aircraft. Join our Yahoo group by clicking here to learn how a well built Experimental aircraft doesn't HAVE to be terribly expensive. Hence our name. Through scrounging materials, recycling parts and whatever methods we can, we plan to build a safe airworthy aircraft with a minimum amount of cash outlay. The plane is a basic 2 place aircraft with minimum instruments. All in all it is a lot of fun. Feel free to jump in with any ideas, labor, or help that you may be able to provide. Multiple project photos, construction status updates, and other information and files are available on the Yahoo group. Join in!



Hints for Homebilders videos at